Money for AGMS - Community Partners

Help Fund AGMS

Please visit and link your card to AG Middle School #1237,

or email your VIC card # to Lisa Bobbitt and she will do it for you


We recently partnered with Publix. Your Publix Partners card came home in the First Day Folder.Make sure to present it to the cashier whenever you shop at Publix!

Collect Box Tops for Education: AG receives TEN CENTS for each box top. Look for “Box Tops” log on General Mills brands. See for a product list.
Simply clip the Box Tops logo and put them in the collection box will be in the main office.


Target Card: AG can earn 1% of each purchase when you link your Target card to AG Middle. AG’s ID number is 80404.
To link, go to, look in the “community” section for “school fundraising” and follow the directions, or you can call 1-800-316-6142.


Office Depot: 5% Back to Schools Program. AG ID#70060635. When you buy supplies, give them the AG # and the school will receive credit.