Invest in Excellence

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Thank you to all of our donors who made the 2017-18 Invest in Excellence Campaign a success! We have exceeded our goal of $100,000 and every AG student is benefiting from these funds. A special congratulations to the 6th grade class for winning the grade-level competition for participation.

Invest in Excellence Flyer/Donation Form

Alexander Graham Middle School has a tradition of excellence dating back to its start in 1920. Staff, parents and students have worked together through the years to create one of the best middle schools in Charlotte. Your involvement and support of the PTO is crucial to continuing on this path of success. The PTO’s “Invest in Excellence” campaign is the major fundraiser for the year. The money raised directly enhances your child’s experience at AG. These funds support many areas:
  • Technology - purchased additional technology ensuring every student has access to a Chromebook
  • Curriculum Supplements
  • Educational Software
  • Staff Enrichment and Professional Development
  • Enhanced landscaping around fields and play areas
  • PTO Operating Budget - grade level activities, staff appreciation, after school clubs, campus beautification

Thank you for supporting AG Middle School!
Questions? Contact Rebecca Drendel or Ghazale Johnston

Deadline for contributions is December 1, 2017

Click the button to donate via PayPal:

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* The PayPal total will reflect your total contribution to both AG and Sedgefield. In the comment section please specify AG and Sedgefield amounts. Also specify company name and matching amount, if applicable.

Thank you to the following families that have contributed as of January 31st:

Shannan Ackerman, Tracy Adams, Garo Aghjayan, Amjad Alhmahameed and Baraa Almasalma, Kim Almond, Penelope and Edward Aluise, Steven Amedio, John Anderson, John Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Tina and Dimitri Apostolopoulos, Erin Ashendorf, Charles Ashford, Catherine and Christopher Austin, Jodie and David Ayres, Ali Bahmanyar, Norwood and Amanda Bailey, Lauren and Steve Ball, Steven Balzer, Addison and Laura Barksdale, Karen and Steve Barton, Tammy Basinger, Stevee Baskerville, Marcy Basrawala, Kary Beaman, Stacy and Will Beard, Sallie Beason, Brad and Dina Beelaert, Keith and Mandi Bell, Terri Bellamy, Jen Berg, Jana Bikas, Susanne and Rob Blair, Emily and Grayson Blair, Doug and Laura Bollermann, Katharine and Doug Bolt, David and Cammie Borrelli, Mary Margaret and John Boulware, Cathy Bradley, Paige Bradley, Julie Bradlow, Christine Brenner, Roger Briggs, Amy and Justin Brittain, Brooke Brown, JoAnn Brown, Carole and Mark Brumfield, Angela Bryant, Edwin and Kirsten Bryson, Rutherford Bryson, Amanda and Chris Buchanan, Brent Bundon, Andy and Ginny Burgin, Helen and Chris Burns, Valerie and Mark Busch, Mary Byrum, Suzanne Campbell, Mary and Scott Cannady, Anne Klein Cannata, Lisa and Hays Castleman, Kelly Catanese, Katie Catron, Erin Chalfant, Rebecca Champion, Neil Chapman, Mary Catherine and Bobby Chesney, Kim Chesson, VA Christianson, Kristen and Del Clark, Barbara and George Climer, Glenn Cole, Steven Cole, Justin and Michele Cole, Kelly and Damon Coley, Jennifer and Jonathon Collman, Erin Concelman, Mary Conlon, Leigh Christi and Carl Cooke, Cannon and Beth Cory, Becky Crawford, Suzanne and Bryan Crutcher, Dacquin Curry, Chris and Jamie Curtis, David and Lalla Dabbs, Kevin Dalton, Jane Daniel, Heather Davis, Sally and Ward Davis, Peg and Chris Deschamps, Annie and Steven Dixon, Wyatt and Katrina Dixon, Kelly Dover, Brigid and James Downs, Rebecca and Mike Drendel, Alicia Duffy, The Duley Family, Teresa and David Dunn, Rachael and Eric Dunnavant, Paula Duringer, Tammy Duzan, David and Jenny Earnhardt, Chad and Mazie Eismont, Amy Elaasar, Tom and Lisa Ellis, Leigh and Steven Engler, Lizzy Ervin, Dabney and Kevin Estile, Lisa Ten Eyck, Eric and Betsy Farmer, Regina Farmer, Jonathan Feit, Kris and Mary Hahn Fetter, Marcela Figueroa, Nicole Filliben, Rick and Susan Fisher, Louisa and Edgar Fisher, Emily Fisher, Meridith Fix, Meg and Brian Flanagan, Brad and Lara Fleming, Tonya Flippin, Sean and Jennifer Flynn, Kathryn Ford, Nicole Freeman, Randy Kate Galvin, Robert and Caroline Gefaell, John and Hresanthe Georgopoulos, Jamie Gerrard, Thomas Girkins, Joe Glenn, Suzanne and Lee Goins, Nadija Golden, Brad and Marty Griffin, Kathleen Grupp, Jennifer Gunn, Heather Gunter, James and Kristi Guptill, Wendy Hadley, Beth and Scott Haenni, Lori Hager, Beth and Ryan Hahn, Marcie and Robert Haines, Ryan and Brindley Hale, Charlie and Ellen Harris, Jonna Harrison, Jennifer Hawthorne, Xu He, Meredith Heffner, Amy Hemingway, Catherine and Andrew Hensley, Lisa Herran, Peter Herran, Tom Hewitt, Jane Higgins, Jennie and Josh Hill, Christina Hinshaw, Kristina Hitchens, Kristina Hitchens, Alison Hogston, Cher Holcomb, The Hollidge Family, Jennifer Holofchak, Suzie Hood, Tara Hooper, Susan Hoover, The Hovey Family, Kelly Huie, Katherine Hungate, Sarah Hyde, Joanne and Chris Hylinski, The Ishee Family, Astrid Jain, Nancy and James Johnson, David and Ashley Johnson, Ghazale and Andy Johnston, Suzanne Jones, Diana and Robert Jones, Jeff Jones, Jennifer and Kent Jones, Matt Jones, Jim Kabrich, Laura Kabrich, Shauna Kadis, Marcia Kaplan, John Kelly, Emily Kennedy, Sarah Kennerly, Stratford and Kipp Kiger, Martha Kinney, Laura Konitzer, Otis and Lisa Ku, Liz and Chris Kuehn, Patrick Lambiotte, Caroline and Kent Lamm, Lisa and Jason Landrum, Angela and Nathan Lanning, Courtney Lapham, Steven Larson, Liz and Fred Lassiter, Kristin and Jeff Lawson, Mary Caroline and Harper Lee, Janelle and Mike Lenhart, Scott and Stephanie Leo , Sally and Marshall Lindsay, Cynthia Lloyd, Leslie and Brandon Lowery, The Luff Family , Kaylee and Leif Lundberg, Phong Luong, Mark and Portia MacKinnon, Elizabeth and Winn Maddrey, Stephen and Michele Mangan, Jennifer and Scott Mansfield, Heather Mantey-VanLoocke, Lacy Mattox, Deems May, Paige and Sean McCloskey, Christopher McCoy, Marie and Dave McDaniel, Jen and Jay McDonald, William and Jennifer McDowell, Charles McElroy, Kami Mcguire, Paige McKeown, Doug and Elizabeth McKewon, Casey and Melinda McKinney, Delia McMullen, Aaron and Suzana Measham, Taryn and Tony Mecia, Erich Meier, Krista Miller, Karen and Bob Miller, The Misiaveg Family, Steve Montgomery, Clif and Trish Moody, Patti and Battle Moore, Richard Morrow, Emily and Will Mullinix, Bart and Meredeth Murr, Cheri Myers, Heather and Jeff Naper, Jennifer Neale, Kimberly Newman, Amanda Nichols, Colby and Sam Nicholson, Tommy Noblett, Tracie and Mark Northan, Keith and Holli Nowokunski, Katherine Odom, Gary and Murray Parker, Hanes and Michael Paschall, Shelby Patrick, Laura Patton, Ally Pecarro, Britta Perkio, Joe and Beth Person, Miriam Peters, Beth and Dan Petty, Toni Pezzo, Patricia Phelan, Stephanie Piatt, Caroline and Brendan Pierce, Paul and Alice Plybon, Sara and Matt Plyler, Katherine Porier, Amy and Jason Powers, Allison Price, Thomas and Heather Price, Ben and Jeanette Proffitt, Lisa Pugh, Kristin Richwine, Ric and Ashley Ritter, Jody and Fletcher Roberts, Shannon Rodden, Shannon Rodden, Cynthia Rodriguez, Matthew Rush, Shanin Russell, Lyn Rutsky, Caryn Sachar, Ginger and Richard Salmon, Carlisa Sanders, Alice Santeiu, Wendy and Jason Schmidly, Natasha Scrivener, Rebecca Scroggins, Joseph Self, Adam and Ashley Sellner, Fae Shaffer, Shane Williams, Stephanie Sharpe, Katie Shaw, Elaine Sherman, Cristi Shore, Tracy Shumate, David Simas, Susan Simcox, Jason E Sito, Steve and Tiffany Slayden, Sherese and Matt Smith, Jennifer Smith, Evans and Morgan Snead, Tracy and Matt Spiva , Michael Standley, Debbie and Rick Starling, Debbie Starling, Debbie and Todd Stillerman, Amy and Todd Strawser, Todd Strawser, Greg Strickland, Tarey Strickland, Jennie Stuart, Megan Stuart, Melissa and Jack Sullivan, Michelle Swain, Ali and Sanaz Talebi, Alexis Marteslo and Hane Tarris, Lane Taylor, Joe Teague, Katie and Chris Tebbit, Andrew Thiessen, Andrew and Elizabeth Thiessen, Millie Thomas, Scottie and Bo Thompson, Robert Thompson, Missy and Scott Thompson, Marsha Thrasher, Katherine Tirone, Kathy and Charles Treadaway, Tuyet Mai Trinh, Johana Troutman, Tommy Truman, Wendy Tymoff, Karey Vera, Karen Wagner, Meredith Walker, Ashley Walker, Susan Wallace, Liz Waller, Kim Walters, Shelley Waple, Alicia Wardlaw, Brett and Cameron Weber, Marie Weil, Carla Weyrick, Jim and Michelle Whitaker, Kristel and Jeff White, Hunter and Bibiana Wiley, Lucinda Williams, Mike Williams, Shane Williams, Brant Williams, Andrea Williamson, Wendy Wilson, Kerry and David Winslow, Ashley and Jeff Wise, Allison and Gene Wood, Susan and Scott Young, Katie Zeck