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CANDEMONIUM AND STREET TURKEYS hosted by AG Outreach in conjunction with Loaves & Fishes

Candemonium: First block classes will collect non-perishable food items for Candemonium beginning Tuesday, November 13thand ending the following Tuesday, November 20th. Priority needs are canned fruit, 100% juice, pork & beans, peanut butter, canned meat, and soup.NO GLASS PLEASE. The class with the most collected items will win a party for their classroom!
Street Turkeys: We will collect frozen turkeys on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20th DURING MORNING AND AFTERNOON CARPOOL!Drop-off your frozen turkey and canned goods in EITHER carpool/parking lot when you bring your student to school or pick-up!We hope all AG families will participate in this worthy cause!
Questions? AG Outreach committee: Bonne Stukey 704-591-2137, Courtney Christensen 704-643-4180, Mari Wood or Tricia Phelan